Angst, Weblogs

First Post

My spouse thinks that a blog is just another thing to suck up my time, and he may be right, but I find myself so envious of those who have one that I feel I must indulge the green-eyed monster, Jealousy. This is ironic considering that my sermon on Sunday was all about not letting our demons control us! (See Mark 1:21-28) Of course my major demon is not this Envy Bug but rather my fear of abandonment. And in my dreams last night it was obvious that this particular imp is disinclined to let go. I woke up feeling disoriented, with the result that we were all late getting out the door and #1 Son received his #1 detention in his high school career. He feels the attendance person was at fault, which I suppose is kinder than blaming his mother.

It’s raining here and fog is creeping down, down, down. I could use a day of sunshine.


The Molly dog looks well and sturdy on the eve of her hip re-check.

More soon…